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Looking to build a supreme buy-sell emporium that lets users connect with sellers in their locality? GoAvito Olx Clone Script Web App is your best choice. Our local buy-sell emporium bridges the gap between local buyers and sellers that exist for decades now. Then why you are waiting?

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About OLX Clone Script

OLX Clone Script supports small business owners to sell their products. This classified website and app generate sales for their products or services. In this app, buyers and sellers can post an ad with a product link and description on their page. In this way people can read the ads at any time, anywhere would click on the link, and will be automatically routed to the website link to generate more profit for your product and service.

What is the purpose of the OLX Clone Script?

Our OLX Clone Script allows potential customers to contact sellers directly through the chat. This means that people looking for the goods or services you can make a sell inquiry simply by knocking a link on a smartphone or clicking through an email from devices. This enhances your exceed and you can even start an export business without investing in having sales agents in other countries. Additionally, you can make targeted offers based on the buyers purchasing behavior.

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Username : demo@goavito.com

Password : 123456

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Username : user@goavito.com

Password : 12345678

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Advanced OLX Clone Script
Advanced OLX Clone Script
Advanced OLX Clone Script
Advanced OLX Clone Script
Advanced OLX Clone Script
Advanced OLX Clone Script
Advanced OLX Clone Script
Advanced OLX Clone Script
Advanced OLX Clone Script
Advanced OLX Clone Script



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OLX Clone
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Go Deal App experts designed all the features of what we offer? Android, IOS, Admin Web Panel, User Web Panel to provide a proper service and make an online presence in all types of technologies. Our coding structure is easy to identify and you can start customization immediately.

OLX Clone Script



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We install our clone script to your server for free. We help you to make your script live.

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We constantly work to deliver high-quality bug-free products, and it's our pleasure to support you immediately free of cost.

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OLX Clone Script, developers are always ready to guide you in all means of communication mode.

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This means you will be afforded a 100% source code with the privilege to edit and change.

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Our developers will assist you with the registration or login of accounts on any 3rd party website.

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In the admin panel, you can extract our name and logo from everywhere visible and replace them.

What We Offer

Our OLX Clone Script experts designed all the features of what we offer? Android, IOS, Admin Web Panel, User Web Panel to provide a proper service and make an online presence in all types of technologies. Our coding structure is easy to identify and you can start customization immediately.



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Great Work, your continued efforts are growing our sales day by day!

Bill M

First class. Researched our business and the competition, went the extra mile and generated leads and sales in first four weeks and several more reach.

Sheri Jacobson

Very professional, knowledgeable and nice to work with. I will certainly continue working with appcodemonster on other projects in the future.


Very professional and know what they are talking about and we have seen great results. Highly recommend.

Kim gally

SEO is one of those things I knew I had to do as a business but didn’t know where to start. The team have been such a pain relief and I know that appcodemonster have my businesses best interests at heart.

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    Dynamic Filters

    In OLX Clone Script, having dynamic filtering is a way for you to choose a product or service from the category faster by filtering the page based on what you have entered on the selected page that you're entering. The list of records that you can choose can be based on what you entered in another field. Dynamic filters are made in different ways and deliver various types like size, color, model, rent, sales, exchange, etc.

    SEO Friendly Design

    Learning more about your business pattern, target audience and requirements will allow us to develop a fully customized SEO strategy. The OLX Clone Script is developed in an SEO-friendly format in order to provide a better experience for the purchasers. Our trustworthy OLX Clone Script solution will help you in making your website more SEO-friendly. With this beneficial integration, you can eventually boost traffic on your online platform and can improve your website ranking on the search engine results page.


    OLX Clone Script occurs around the area of values, behaviors, needs, and ideas. Look for strong nature as they happen, when a consumer has a conflict, worry, or discomfort. This is where you find those smart insights that give you the chance to create an excitable bond with consumers. Having a well-crafted OLX Clone Script is essential to any insight statement for Product view, likes, and reviews to solve without any trouble.

    Banner Ads

    Banner Ads are incredibly valuable when they are done correctly – which means having the right professional classified banner design. Banner ad design best practices, goods, and services can engage with a banner ad design or a banner ads platform like OLX Clone Script. OLX Clone Script can place the seller ads on the right website and even target specific buyers. Furthermore, ad design services and consultation can support an industry-based formulate of the best ad strategy.

    Instant chat

    Instant Chat can help you present your product to your customers by giving your company a face in our OLX Clone Script. For many users, the Instant Chat is the first point with your product or goods, which can be much more personal than a conversation between seller and buyer. The personality of an Instant Chat has a huge power on the user experience and is an intent factor in how the user assumes the interaction.

    Exchange & Giving away

    In this process, We OLX Clone Script offers a new innovation is "Exchange Buy" in which the 2 buyers post ads on the sites. Those sellers can exchange their products in a direct way. The buyers benefit through the purchase of goods to satisfy their utility. And another buyer benefits through the profits or returns from the product sold. In this B2B Exchange to the hit in wide availability and visibility.

    Currency Management

    Currency Management support means that shoppers can pay for your goods or services using the currency they are early comfortable using. Typically, buyers in other nations are forced to pay entirely in USD or Euros instead of their own currency. This experience can be inappropriate for many online buyers and sellers and may even confuse them from completing their transactions. Using OLX Clone Script Currency Management helps the customer avoid being converted on their currency.

    User Verifications

    Combine with online trends, the most important note is that online business people should verify their profile to give trust to the customers to reduce stress about their purchase product. User Verifications make your shipping operation more careful and efficient. By verifying a customer’s shipping address details sellers away from any delay with the product delivery and unnecessary issues. User Verifications ensure customers receive packages at the right address while reducing shipping values and time spent on customer helps inquiries.

    Product Details

    Products Details are essential for successful online firms because they help you become more visible online, share the information needed by the purchaser to make a buying decision, and therefore, have more sales. Product details are the view of the product you are selling which contains also high-quality images or videos and it must be done with the buyer in mind. It is proper for your potential shoppers and it should be complete, genuine, and reliable.


    By using Notifications, you can grab the attention of first-time visitors and casual browsers as soon as they appear. Offering them the chance to stay updated with the valuable content you’re providing notifications without any need to give over details, and many people are willing to jump on board. This is a quick and easy way of creating brand awareness. Furthermore, notification gives a quick response from the shopper's side directly.

    Web Application

    Given that business systems are created by web applications, they can be accessed at any time provided that you have an internet connection. These are totally flexible, comfortable, offering access from almost any device or browser. Web applications help you make more efficient business processes so that you can get more done in less time and with better accuracy. Having all your data integrated into one place gives you more visibility of your business.

    Mobile Applications

    Mobile devices have improved the way users interact with brands, get ideas, and shop. Many customers prefer using mobile to shop online. So, it’s essential for online entrepreneurs to include such devices in their marketing approaches. Mobile Applications support enhancing the way of interaction between the goods or services and customers. To implement the power of connected customers, brands need to provide a stand and steady involvement through mobile eCommerce applications.

    General Data Protection Regulation

    GDPR is important because it benefits the protection of data rights and conveys what companies that process individual details must do to safeguard these rights. All companies and organizations that deal with data relating to following the new General Data Protection Regulation. Most firms are processing some personal data for a regular reason. The GDPR has severe implications for objection – the results could be heavy fines and a damaged reputation.

    Wish list

    A Wish list is a collection of products that shoppers are interested in and save to their user account without the instant intention to buy. Adding products to a wish list is an easy way for purchasers to organize the product rank, making it unnecessary to use the shopping basket for a quick recall which saves buyers some time while shopping online. This function improves the customer experience while shopping online. Adding products to a wish list is mutually profitable.

    Secure & Multi-Payment Options

    When buyers are able to choose between different payment options, you will have another advantage on the online market. In the face of the plenty of choices on the retail market, shopper's benefits are essential for increasing consumers. Visitors discover the new means of purchase and the online stores should provide the option to use them. So offering secure & multi-payment options methods also translates into more transactions and a bigger turnover.

    Detailed Listing

    Entrepreneurs believe that online business directories and listing websites are digital versions. They are complete channels that allow prospective consumers, business owners, and professionals to identify and contact enterprises relevant to them. Business directories offer advanced filter options that allow your customers to connect with you in your area. By ensuring that your business details are exact on different online web directories and detailed listing websites, you can improve your chances of getting more customers to search for services or products.

    Social Media Integration

    Social Media Integration between your app and social media mode empowers the business and supports the brand to connect with consumers directly. It provides a way to understand and address your buyer's queries instantly. It also makes it simple for organizations to convey important news and updates to their followers in real-time enlarging the reach to the wider audience. Managing multiple social media accounts with different login credentials can be a complicated and time-consuming task.

    Sell Fast

    Sell Fast features help the seller to sell their product by converting organic into paid ads. This will sell the product within days, ad it will be aper in the top of the homepage. Paid ad targeting can be very specified and allows you to reach relevant buyers who are interested in your goods, fix the demographics of your sales roles, and reside in the exact geographic location you want to show.

    Bulk Packages

    The featured ad is affordable. You can start ad in packages it will be helpful to the appropriate business to sell their products. Some eCommerce seller needs more attention from the shopper's side, This Bulk Package supports them to sell their goods by category. Some marketing tools take time to see results but feature ad generates leads that are ready to make a purchase. Most online shopping platforms do not support bulk, but OLX Clone Script makes you successful ads.



    What is a Classified clone?

    A classified clone script allows people to buy or sell things according to categories. Classified PHP and Laravel Script are highly scalable, operational, and easy to use.

    How do I start a classified website?

    We have a ready-made classified script website and application to build your classified site quickly.

    Where can I place free ads?

    In OLX Clone Script, there are more features like free ads, feature ads, top ads so you can click your option and sell your product.

    How much does it cost to build a classified website?

    Classified websites are expensive. But, our ready-made OLX Clone Script will be comfortable at your cost.

    How do you make a website like Craigslist?

    Like as craigslist. And also we do customize classified websites to your respective business industry.

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