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Looking to build a supreme buy-sell emporium that lets users connect with sellers in their locality? GoAvito Olx Clone Script Web App is your best choice. Our local buy-sell emporium bridges the gap between local buyers and sellers that exist for decades now. Then why you are waiting?

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About OLX Clone Script

OLX Clone Script supports small business owners to sell their products. This classified website and app generate sales for their products or services. In this app, buyers and sellers can post an ad with a product link and description on their page. In this way people can read the ads at any time, anywhere would click on the link, and will be automatically routed to the website link to generate more profit for your product and service.

What is the purpose of the OLX Clone Script?

Our OLX Clone Script allows potential customers to contact sellers directly through the chat. This means that people looking for the goods or services you can make a sell inquiry simply by knocking a link on a smartphone or clicking through an email from devices. This enhances your exceed and you can even start an export business without investing in having sales agents in other countries. Additionally, you can make targeted offers based on the buyers purchasing behavior.

Best OLX Clone Scripts



Ad Post

The foremost process of an Ad Post is a specific or related product or service that the user wants to sell, or any free service simply posts on our GoAvito Classified website to promote your brand.

Category List

To promote your brand with some filters like a single entity is a category list. GoAvito portal is a customized design to allow users to search products through relevant categories and sub-categories.

City Selection (with Google Location Search)

Both users/buyers can select their locations to boost their classified listing. User can choose their exact location to show their ads.


In the ad post page, user can enable the exchange to buy option another user can change their ad post immediately.

Instant Buy

The seller can have some less count of stock products they will use the instant buy option in their classified post.

Fixed Price

Some branded products always have a high price. The seller can use these fixed price options so both buyers and sellers can understand their product values.

Upload with Multiple Images

In GoAvito multiple image upload helps traders to show their product side by side pictures, which will give more hope to the buyers to buy the product.

Video Embed URL

Some sellers have product video, and that youtube product video embed URL pasted the product video display on the classified ad post.

Package Selection (Free & Paid)

If user can sell the product instantly they choose top ads or features ads. Some traders prefer free ads based on their service or branding.

PayPal & Strip (Payment Gateway)

In GoAvito we provide Paypal & Stripe payment options to the users and buyers to sell or buy products at any time anywhere in just simple clicks.

Banner with Image

In Profile menu, Click My Banner Ads it will show the banner advertisement page to display your branding banners in both GoAvito's website and mobiles home page or search page.

Banner with Google Map

(From current location, Ad shown from in specific distance around)

Search by Location

In Goavito home page search by location with google map page buyers can easily find their product based on the location.

Search by Product/Category

In Goavtio's auto search options of products and categories user just put a product name it will display instantly.

Report Ad

The essential features in GoAvito is report ad option. If buyer seen some irrelevant ad, Miscellaneous, or offensive content they click the report option.

Review Post

Giving a review post ia a positive hope to both sellers and buyers based on the product or service.


In Insight page trader can view their classified ads view, impress, like by weekly, monthly, yearly.

Sell Fast Logic (Paid package)

Some free ads not sell upto 30 days seller gives republish ad or convert free ad into paid ad for quick selling.

Exchange Ad

In Profile menu page, My Exchange Ad option shows all details of incoming and outgoing exchange ads with details view.

Buy Now

In Goavito instant buy is available. In the buyer wants to purchase any product at any time their order will be proceed instantly.

Chat with Seller

This feature are very welcomed by both users and seller, if they have some doubts or queries simply chat with the dealer.

My Ads

In profile menu page, listed ads are shown on this page. Trader can edit the product like sell or mark as sold like as.

My Banner Ads

In My Banner Ads page it will display your particular banner ad that are shown in home page or search page.

My Exchanges

This page shows the how many exchanges has been done, whether it is successful or failed, how many incoming and outgoing exchanges are displayed will approximate details.

My Orders & Sales

If the menu page purchased products or services those are revealed in the My orders & My sales page.

Favourite Ads

In Front end design of goavito show the favourite ads by the users and saved wishlists are displayed in this menu page.

My Profile

Both Buyers and Sellers completed verified profile information with editable process people can easily update their profile information.

My Followers & Following

In this profile menu page, followers/following users are listed in this page. This will help to find the regular buyers.

Buy Business Packs

In this page admin can buy the packages of the listing product package with Top Ad/ Feature Ads listed.

My Business Packs

This My Business Packs show the purchased business pack with perfect details that packs assigned with which kind of purchased packages are listed.

Post List

Admin can view the listed classified based on the price, location, etc are displayed in this page.


This category options in post ad can easily describe your particular classifieds based on the custom fields.

Report Ads

In this page admin can view the report ads of user reported classified whether any kind of issues those are displayed in this page.

Blocked Ads

Admin can hold unresponsive, un-sell, or un-stocked ads are blocked in this page.


In GoAvito Classified app allows only registered user with mobile verification. It is very essential for both buyers/sellers.


GoAvito has three roles, SuperAdmin, Admin, User to maintain a professional and authorized process.


SuperAdmin allow some permissions to the admin for particular edit purpose.


The Super admin can view all the details about the website has been displayed in this page.

Banner Ads

The Super admin can verify the banner ads post by the user are approved here only.

Banner Image/Map Controls

The banner image/map controls are show in the app are enable/disable in the setup setting page.

Banner Image Size Settings

Some required options like proper banner image sized pictures will be enrolled in the banner image ads process.


In Goavito using Twilio key setup, Notify every process of classified ads. Post Methods - This option for listing (Banner ads / Exchange / Buy now) of all process are only allowed by the super admin.


Managing word wide all type of currencies are listed in this page and also add more currency.


All packages are monitored in the page if some festival or season packages are created in this page.

Report Types

Default sentence of displaying reports are created in the report types page.

Payment Methods

Methods of paying with Paypal or Stripe can be enabled/ disabled approval are done by super admin.

Chat Methods

In Goavito we are using Ajax/ Websocket type this will enable/disable chat methods.


Some short time offers coupons are created on this page.


Active/Default language options are enable/disable here only.


This features helps to show your ad displayed based on country are handled by super admin.


Like as Google ads the top and bottom ad features are access in advertising page.

Word filter

In appropriate words or adult contents are not allowed to write in as post ad page.

Home Banner

The home page banner are monitored in this page.

Email Template

Customize email template for festival time, or any announcement based on ad posting are prepared in this page.


All orders of paid ad details of top ad/ feature ads information are monitored here.

Bulk Orders

How many business packs purchases are checked in the bulk order super admin page.

Banner Ads (Admin)

How many users are listed banner ads details are supervised in the banner ads page.

Buy now Orders

Super admin can view the buy now orders data listed here.


What types of review are listed in the whole websites are monitored by super admin.


Static pages like Terms and Condition, Privacy Policy, etc are managed in this pages.

Other Pages

Like SEO Optimizations meta title, keyword, description are maintained in the other pages

Contact Us

Getting contact form information are listed in the super admin contact us page.

Report User

Finding reported users listed such as Fraud, Inappropriate, Spam user, etc.

Bulk Email

Super admin can send a bulk email to the both admin and users to give information about the website.

Demo Details For Admin Panel

Readymade OLX Clone Script

Admin login Details

Username : demo@goavito.com

Password : 123456

User login Details

Username : user@goavito.com

Password : 12345678

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Flow chart